Shraddha Kapoor - BooBooCuddlyPoo

The Tails of BooBoo and CuddlyPoo is quirky documentary that encapsulates the plight and life journey of stray animals that reside on the streets of India. The documentary is directed by Salil Jason Fernandez who is himself an avid animal-lover and contributor towards animal welfare.

The documentary is starring several celebrities, animal welfare workers, feeders and others who contribute towards making the world a better place for their four-legged friends. Actress Shraddha Kapoor happens to be one among the celebrities appearing in the documentary.

As an avid animal lover , she stated that it was an absolutely enjoyable and humbling experience to be part of a unique documentary which highlights the plight of stray animals and strives to spread awareness about animal welfare.

Shraddha is pet parent to Shyloh, a Lhasa Apso breed dog that she adopted in 2011 when he was a puppy. She describes Shyloh as being a bundle of joy and someone who is always there for her and has been around throughout all her Ups and Downs, only adding more truth to the fact that dogs or any pet animal for that matter are the best stress busters and bringers of joy. It goes without saying that Shyloh is indeed very dear to her. In fact, earlier this year he was spoiled and showered with plenty of love and food on the occasion of his tenth birthday. Shraddha penned a loving and emotional caption for him on an instagram post. She wrote, “Happy 10th Birthday to my Babu!!! Can’t believe he is 10! To me he will always be my little babu Shyloh He has brought so much joy to our lives. We are so blessed to have him as our sweetest family member. Grateful for him beyond words"

Another aspect that the actress has brought to light in the documentary is the importance of “Adopt, Don’t Shop”. Adopt Don’t shop is another matter that needs to be considered while bringing home a furry friend. Shopping for pets is something that is unethical and wrong because it would mean that an individual is literally buying or selling a life. That is why we must adopt !

Shraddha herself adopted Shyloh as a puppy and hopes that more people understand the importance of the same.

She also spends time looking after and playing with stray dogs and contributes towards their welfare. In the documentary, she states that stray dogs are equally as lovely as pedigree dogs and must not be neglected or treated in an inferior manner. She wraps up by saying that the only difference between a stray dog and Shyloh is that he has a loving home. To conclude she asks him for a quick kissie , but the dog has none of it !