This project is a first-of-its-kind initiative, born solely out of love. Boo Boo and Cuddly Poo are affectionate terms to display endearment between us humans.

These terms have been coined in order to personify the dogs and cats which face the neglect and wrath of the society on a daily basis, whether it is being fed harmful and unhealthy food or being attacked for some “fun” and at times brutally murdered. Just for our entertainment.

The film is created to open your eyes to the Boo-Boos and Cuddly Poos all around you; they are just as lovable and affectionate as the ones purchased from breeders.

All they need is your loving eye.

Film Makers
Creator & Director

Salil Jason Fernandez immersed himself into cinema and the arts from a very young age - acting and directing theatre, winning painting and creative writing competitions, and creating home movies on his Hi8 Camcorder.

After receiving his B. A. Mass Media and M. A. from the University of Mumbai, he then graduated from London Film School (M. A. Filmmaking)

Today, Salil is actively involved in directing and producing ad films.


Vandana Sethhi, a stalwart in the business of advertising, brand building and communications, and has devoted three decades, in different avatars and at various hierarchies, in the same industry. She has seen and experienced it all. Yet, as she herself puts it, she’s still somewhere along that infinite learning curve.

As the Founder of Water Communications and Earth Films, Vandana Sethhi approaches life with ‘An attitude called advertising’ and has taken communications to new heights.

Her deep desire to give back to society has seen her leverage her deep communications experience to launch initiatives that work towards the betterment of society.


The filmmakers tip their hat to each and everyone from across the country - friends, acquaintances, both known and unknown - who have devoted their time and effort to come together and give heed to this cause, purely out of their own volition in order to make positive change in the society for the welfare of animals. This mammoth collaboration reinstills our faith in humanity, especially given the current pandemic.

Without the 150 crew members, technicians and artists who worked pro bono, this project would have never been possible.


The message of the documentary is universal but the takeaway is local - the filmmakers firmly believe that home is where the heart lies and that is where they wanted to make a change to begin with; And the support that they have received for the cause has been quite overwhelming.

The need to spread awareness and communicate the message has deeply resonated to turn this dream into reality.

Animal Welfare Organizations, across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane districts, have recognised the severity of the issue and joined hands for the first time to create a meaningful change.

An alliance of this manner and magnitude is truly a momentous one.


The filmmakers understood that in order to cement the message of the documentary, they needed voices of authority to come forward and appeal to the audience; And thus they reached out to several popular personalities who are not only ardent animal lovers and champions of the cause, but many of them have also adopted indies - making a place for them in their home as well as their heart.

Bollywood actors, musicians, stand up comedians, influencers etc. have joined the movement in an effort to lead the way for others to follow.


Every day and night, welfare workers across the city feed, care, heal, rescue, rehome, and love animals. Tirelessly. Selflessly. Thanklessly.

These unsung heroes include volunteers at non-profit organisations and shelters, veterinarians, canine and feline trainers and behaviorists, animal communicators, ambulance drivers and many many individual feeders, rescuers and caregivers.

The filmmakers salute their heart and passion to bring effective change in society.


The filmmakers have been overwhelmed with the number of homegrown brands, national as well as local, that have reached out to support the cause. These partners have backed the project with gift hampers, social media shoutouts and a lot of goodwill.